How to make fizz soda bottle dispensers?

Do you want to drink carbonated soda drinks from a bottle for several days without losing the carbonated soda? Here is a super cool stuff as your Soda bottle dispenser which can keep the soda like first-time open called Fizz Soda Dispenser!

The original purpose of this gadget is to let you get the first time opened drink which is still very carbonated drinks and keep it for long time. You know, each time when we open a bottle of soda drinks. The Soda will run out for a couple of days from the first time we open the cap.

So, this Discount Fizz Soda Dispenser act as the soda keeper and it also helps you dispense the soda out without decreasing the amount of soda inside the bottle.

It’s very useful and you can put them in the Fridge because the diameter size of the dispenser is similar to the soda bottle. But I still recommend you not to drink cold stuff, especially icy soda.

The Creative Portable Soft Drink Coke Fizzy Soda Drinking Bottle Dispenser Fizz Saver is with nonslip bottom and top rack dishwasher save, ABS plastic construction.

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