3D Big breast Hatsune Miku mouse pad

Before everything else, the Sexy Beautiful Girl 3D Mouse Pad seriously isn’t a toy vehicle. It is actually a mouse pad which in turn you tend not to enjoy with that contain a reared fillers portion that appears like boobs… err, on a second considered, scuff that. I believe there might be people who play with such things. What? So why are you currently thinking about me that way?

ALL RIGHT, it might be regarded as a toy, however, for everything, it’s not educative. This doesn’t necessarily educate you human anatomy (even though it provides you think it still that is not the issue).

Finally, it doesn’t consist of small parts. In case anything at all, the following thing is truly large, especially the boobs… However, they needed to be in that position to offer sufficient wrist support. Also, it’s something that you wouldn’t normally share with your 3 year old child…

I purchased one among these off Elecs.co about three month ago as a joke gift to myself. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not only a quality piece of equipment, but it’s actually got the best wrist rest of any mouse pad I’ve ever owned. The 3d mouse pad greatly helps to alleviate the pressure on the bottom of your wrist, which for me has caused loss of blood flow and numbness in my hand with other wrist rests. The bottom also has a very high coefficient of friction against wood, making the pad stick in one place very strongly on a desk; a big advantage for power gamers like me.

I powerfully advise this Big Breast Hatsune Miku Mouse Pad, even if all you’re looking for is a quality mouse pad with a built-in wrist rest. And it’d make a great semi-joke gift to just about any anime fan, at the same time!


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