Fashion Sunglasses Style MP3 with Bluetooth

Sunglasses Mp3 Player allows you to get wonderful pictures, capture great quality videos and also pay attention to your preferred songs.

This discount fashionable sunglass style MP3 with bluetooth creates high quality audio as well as great capacity with USB2. 0 huge rate transmission. It really is the newest in an development of music types which have improved buyers delight in their music. This item provides brought in lens, with trendy look. It holds up MPI, 2, 3, WMV, WMA, ASF, WAV music types, sturdy 3. Polaroid polarizing lens provides clear natural sight, as well as wonderful anti-impact shows. It protects UV, glare und diffused light, helping You to love music in the sun without interference, and also secure your eyes and vision.

Buy a cool Sunglasses Mp3 Player and enjoy it here, you can get the privilege as follow:

5% discount of the postage if you spend USD $50 for postage

1% discount of total amount if you spend USD $100

All discount(s) & coupon(s) can be used together.

$5 coupon will be sent to your email address when you register on our website


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