A Story about Dress and Love Moved Me so Much!


He is an average worker, doing the hard work in the city every day.Perhaps there is not love at first sight, no true love in the world. But he was in love with a girl with long hair and sweet smile ,wearing a white dress. She is so beautiful.

One day he send things to the restaurant and he saw the girl when he came his way to the kitchen.The girl was wearing a white dress,sitting at the table next to the window,having the coffee while watching her laptop.He was fascinated by her.After he came out from the kitchen,he accidentally knocked into the waiter and the coffee spilled on the white dress of the girl who was about to leave.He apologized hastily,and the girl said that didn’t matter for it was not hot coffee.The she left.He saw the coffe on the dress and felt so sad for such a first meet.

When he drove the lorry by a shop,he saw a beautiful dress.He immediately stopped the car and rushed into the shop.He looked at the dress and thought how nice the girl would be in the dress.When he saw the price,his mood turned down. The price was $1888.It was so expensive for him.He didn’t have so much money.

ImageHe went out of the shop and came to the lorry.And then he rushed back to the shop and asked where was the shopkepper.The shopkeeper came out and he implored the shopkeeper to keep the dress for two days.The shopkeeper didn’t say a word.Then he knelt down and wept. Seeing this ,the shopkeeper agreed.

When he came to the bank and thought about the money in it,he didn’t get in and strolled on the street.Seeing the people on the street,he felt he didn’t belong to the city.But he promised to buy that dress.At that time he saw a poster said one could earn $8000 a day. He remembered the adress and he found a hospital.Till then he found he should donate a kidney for $8000.He thought a while and agreed.

Before he had the operation,he gave a box to his friend and said if he dided please gave it to the girl.His friend wept and felt how fool he was.He said to his friend that it was worthy.And he said to his friend:’’Don’t worry,I will be fine!’’Then he went in,but didn’t come out alive….

When the girl came to the restaurant again after a week.The waiter came to her and told her a man had waited for her almost one week.The girl was confused and went to the man the waiter said.The man saw her and gave her a box,saying that she would understand after she saw it.Then the man went away.

When the girl sat down and open the box,she saw a beautiful white dress and a letter.When the girl open the letter and read,she cried so painfully,with the dress in her hand.

Are you moved by this story? Please cherish the people around you.Choose a fashion dress for your love or yourself !Enjoy the beauty of life! For more information about latest fashion dresses,Fashion Cothing is a good choice!



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