Ruffled Dresses for Women—–Embrace Your Femininity!


Ruffles could be gentle and small or highly noticeable and voluptuous; they have been present in the fashion world since memorable times, and they are a cultural identity from Spain’s flamenco dancers and an adopted Latin symbol that the most famous designers have tried to reborn through the years and still today it is one of the favorite elements to mark a feminine outfit while it embraces the movement of the body with a special grace and elegance. In way earlier times, ruffles were a symbol of high status in society and you could even see appreciate them in men’s suits with their lace ruffled shirts under their jackets or at the wrists and neck. 


In dresses, either short or long, ruffles are highly used in big and small dimensions tracing the edges of the clothing, depending on the women’s silhouette. A classic ruffled white shirt always looks sophisticated and expensive, even if it is a cheaper version; wear it with a pair of black trousers, a pencil skirt or jeans with black patent pumps for a classic Chanel-like look. Even pants are adding ruffled belts and pockets, also, ruffled bathing suits will hit big this summer.

At the same time, and if you don’t like to risk that much, you can always go for a safer outfit like a dress with a ruffle like neckline, or an asymmetric top with extra layers. The colors in this trend are infinite, but as we know, pale pink and shades of gray are the role players for his season.

Let yourself be seduced by this trend and mark your steps with the movement of the ruffled accents, may it be on the sleeves, hemline, blouses, and even on handbags. Try to limit the use of ruffles to one single part of your ensemble where it looks good and makes sense to wear them, so you can escape the Elizabethan ballroom look and go for a more romantic touch that leaves admirers asking for more.


Are you wondering where can you find ruffled dresses for women? Wearingsales  is the fashion website who can help you with this. And Ruffle Prom Dress is your perfect solution. Find the right style for you within fashion dress.




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