Excellent Adaptation of An Amazing Book


I watched the first season of game of thrones before knowing anything about the storyline, and it sucked me in; it was totally incredible!  Game of Thrones Season 2 DVD  is not simply an adaptation of the novels.

The acting is top notch. Nearly every actor brilliantly portrays their characters just as they are portrayed in the books. It is worth watching these episodes over and over again just to see their performances. Even the children actors do a fantastic job. The sets and costume designs are also very well done. I wonder if there was any collaboration with those who worked on The Tudors, a somewhat similar series that reminds me of this show in terms of set and costume designs.

Unlike most written works to screen, Game of Thrones does a great job capturing and bringing to life possibly one of the greatest modern fantasy stories ever written. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I have.



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